Q  How do I learn how to use pressOmatic?
A  Slicker provides training and support to you and your staff.  It usually takes less than an hour for a Slicker representative to train you to use pressOmatic. Slicker is also available by phone or email to assist in entering text, pictures, images, eCommerce components and any other difficulties that might occur. 

Q What is the process for receiving a proposal for a new or redesigned web site?
A   Let's set up a meeting to discuss what it is that you want your new web site to do...the functionality of it. At that meeting we will demonstrate pressOmatic to show you how easy it works. Within a few days after the meeting we'll put together a proposal that describes the scope of work and costs related to your new web site. Once you sign the proposal and submit a check for the deposit, we'll have a kick-off meeting to discuss in detail the design aspects and structure of your new site.

Q  How long does it take to build a new web site?
A  It usually takes 8 to 10 weeks. This is depending upon how timely you supply us with the images and pictures needed for the design. Slicker builds web sites in such a way that design and content of the site are created concurrently but separately. We set up a "shell" pressOmatic account for you to begin entering content (with our help) while our designers are creating your initial design of the site. Once the design is finished and approved, the content that has already been entered into pressOmatic is joined to the design.

Q  In what kind of format does Slicker need the images and pictures that I have for my new web site?
  All images (such as, logos) and pictures should be in a jpg, psd or vector format and submitted to Slicker via email or on disk.

Who purchases the domain name (URL)?
A   You purchase the domain name and retain ownership of that name. We will help you with the process of purchasing the domain name. Slicker will be named as the Technical Contact on the domain name so that emergency modifications can be made easily. You will remain the Administrative Contact and Billing Contacts of the domain name. You are responsible for payment of fees required to renew the domain name upon its renewal and for assuring that the information in the “whois” database is up-to-date and complete. Slicker can show you how to do this and help you as necessary. Once the domain name is purchased, you will receive a user name and password for your URL. It is important to provide Slicker with this information so that we can launch your site when ready.

Q  Who will host my new site?
A   Slicker will host your new site on our servers that are in a secure off-site area. PressOmatic is an Internet-based content management system; therefor all sites that we create must be hosted on our server.  This will enable you to have access to updating your site from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet.

Q What is the payment process for a new web site?
A  50% of the estimated development cost is due upon acceptance of the proposal. This down payment is to be forwarded to Slicker in conjunction with a signed copy of the proposal. The final payment is due upon project completion, but before the modified site is published to the Internet.  Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Q  How does my new web site get picked up by the search engines?
A   Getting positioned high up on search results is a process that employs a wide variety of techniques and can take time. Additional web-based marketing services can be purchased from Slicker including market research, competitor site analysis, on-going site optimization, arranging recipriocal linking, recommending subscription-based ads, and developing banner adds (this does not include the cost of placing ads or subscription fees). 

For more information, please email us at info@slicker.com or call us at 843.853.2690.

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